Monday, October 26, 2009

Friendship, Love, Lust, Looks and Life....looking for answers...A Journey !!

Its so strange how at times when i just let my mind wander, I get a few of the best questions, answers, thoughts, hallucinations and resonance that i can ever get in a normal day of life. At times I feel that loneliness and dejection brings out the best in me. Off late I have been feeling just like a free observer of the world around me. Just observing the world with and magnifying glass and not at all getting affected by it or its happenings. Pondering on creatures of species same as me, i get all my answers and also new questions. Like, the amazing topic of attraction. What is it that binds two people? What is it that makes someone to work with themselves and change or manipulate to attract the other creature. Is it just material interest and lust, or is it something else as well. If there's more to it then what's that. What's love for an example? When is it that we come to a conclusion that we love someone? and when is that we feel connected with someone? Our parents give their lives away to make ours better (I know that exceptions are there even in this, i am talking of majority here.) but still its so easy to say when we grow up that it was their duty and they did it for themselves. Which to an extent is true! Similarly, friendship is so over-rated at times. We come across all kinds of people in our lives but the one who are our best friends and ones we fall in love with are the people who suite our needs, fit our expectations and have qualities we like. Isn't this exactly the same thing we do when we go for shopping or buying something for us? As in, when we are about to get married, we look for a girl/boy according to our preferences and look for certain parameters to be fulfilled, and that's exactly what we do when we are buying something for ourselves. So, what's the big difference? Also, sex is a integral part of all love relationships, without physical intimacy no love relationship or marriage survives. And for sure this aspect is a true form of animal nature mingled up in our genes and D.N.A. So, how do we differentiate and love selflessly? I am still thinking, you also go ahead with it and post your views on this. Will come up with some answers very soon hopefully and a few new questions. Till then guys, enjoy Love :)

Sunday, October 4, 2009

To You...

Words, Debates and discussions, all said and done.
We grow in each other's hearts everyday and our bond grows a ton.
When my battle is your war, When you say less and i understand it all.
No boundaries and no hesitations.
Dedication and caring above our own interests and reasons.
Its good knowing that i don't need to be sweet with you to be in your mind.
As our relation is not for a day, not for a year, but its for a Lifetime.
Between you and me, there's no one ever right or wrong.
Wherever you go, to there i belong.
Even if you'll push me away, i'll crawl my way back to you.
My dear, u deserve to be told everyday that how much i love and care for You !