Saturday, September 19, 2009

My Wish...

Please embrace me in your wings,

As I devote myself to your beauty.

Let me find what I seek,

All I want is what love gives me.

All my life I will carry you on my back,

Please wait for me with open arms,

At the end of the Track.

Take my hand and follow me,

I’ll take you to a world of fantasy.

Pleasure of togetherness will, hold our pain inside.

Let’s live in a world where we exist for eternity.

Where there is no pain and no lies.

A World where sorrow dies and only love survives.


Friday, September 18, 2009

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A True Friend

In the stressed business of life, acts like a calm voice.
Between all the pain, consoles like a smile.
With all the laughter, gives the joy of sharing.
In the times of dark, becomes a guiding light.
To resolve all the problems, becomes a solution.
Amid the fakeness of selfish world, stretches out a humble hand.
In the times of loneliness, becomes a comforting shoulder.
People just keep looking for all this, while a have already found it.
People call it a true friend, but I call it YOU.

My Sexual Intensity…

What happens when tables turn?
Why be so stiff and why be so stern.
Try negotiating
Try complicating.
Sudden annihilation
Cross pollination
My sexual intensity
Comes out in a new direction
Love is a lie, lie is the life.
Where do I run and where do I hide.
What happens when tables turn?
Why be so stiff and why be so stern.
Fire and ice
Sexual suicide
Trouble in paradise
Nature in disguise
My sexual intensity
Mocking all philosophy
War of sexes, sex in war
Who’ll understand my metaphor?
What happens when tables turn?
Why be so stiff and why be so stern.
Impossible achieved
Fantasies conceived
Myths are torn
Offspring is born
My sexual intensity
Is fulfilling its prophecy
Now the breeds coincide
Now the nature is valued
As now you know,
What happens when tables turn?
Why be so stiff and why be so stern.

Sleeping Within

It’s just enough to fill u with filth n evil, my friend,
And trusting the times I know that so easily it won’t end.
But all this violence n greed for power, has stopped interrupting me as,
I sleep within.

Noise in my eyes, will talk to you for long,
True to the voices within me, I work all day long.
But as u you may find it unbending to my exterior,
I sleep within.

Pain n more pain compare n coincide in my mind,
My brothers are crying aloud as if are blind.
But as u may find unwilling to understand n help,
I sleep within.

Now my heart does not pound for the worries of weapons,
If something bad is about to come, it’s ok, I know shit happens.
But as u may find it ignorable yet feel insecure, u must remember,
I sleep within.