Sunday, July 13, 2014

Religion: What we don't know and What it is.

  The write-up on Religion: This is quite the truth of all Religions (and zeitgeist puts it in such a good and simple manner), the so called God - man savior, the creator, the man in the clouds, all is a metaphorical story and a series of tales made up, modified and updated as per the time-era, location and necessity to keep our human minds satisfied, that there is an eternal almighty 'Dad' looking after all of us, when its just a mutation of our consciousness and developed/attained rational-irrational thinking ability that came to humans with darwinian evolution. All major religions share similar Gods, characters, fiction, tales and references. The almighty has similar interests and duties in all religions, as we have developed our Gods to make ourselves feel important and in the center of all universe(Yes, remember the time when we claimed that we were at the center of universe and earth and stars revolve around us). A god who looks into what you eat, what day you eat, how you sleep, what you wear and how or who you marry and how you make love. Strange and so petty for the almighty...if really there's one. 

  In a ever expanding and hundreds of billions of years old universe, with millions of galaxies and 100s of billions stars in a galaxy, solar systems, planets, satellites, pulsars, black holes, supernovas, dark matter, dark energy, and about a million (or possibly more) nearly earth like planets, Yes my God made this all to see when I eat meat, what day not to work and when and how many times I pray. Crazy!!! Most religious scripture show us wars, kings, polygamy with queens, slaves, rivalries and install a fear of the almighty in us since we are young kids. Be good or you will be punished, God will not like it, you will be punished for sure. Realy!! We at the helm of a breakthrough into Multiverse (multi universe and multiple dimensions of time and space) and bigbang, need a threat of some divine punishment or going to hell in order to be good and moral?? We need hundreds/thousands of years old scriptures to be moral and good as humans? What a disrespect to the magnificent human mind! 

  Be amazed with nature, power of the stars, science, evolution, forces of universe, human mind, its creativity and trillions of years of gradual making of universe to this day. Understand the world around you and ever changing and discovering science behind it. Not by mythological stories. We are not from adam or eve, we star born, all made from elements that synthesize and get created when a star dies and bursts. Example: when a start dies as a supernova the first and most abundant elements it spits out is carbon and iron, the 2 elements that are uniquely essential to our anatomy and we are made out of them (largely with water), no human life or body possible without these. Among some last elements it gives towards the end is Gold and platinum, in very low quantities, thus very scarce in our universe and on our planet, making very low in availability and thus valuable to us. Just an example of how science and universe works. 

  Open your mind and be universal citizen, be educated, critical of your own self, ever curious and questioning. Follow what you think is rational and can be proved and tested. For those who contradict with question that are unexplained yet, reason for life, our origin, big bang and stuff and make it cover to suppress reason and put God in gaps, by saying, science and man cannot explains this, so there must be the hand of God in it, ya, same was said thousands of years ago when our ancestors didn't understand even a normal solar eclipse and said a devil eats the sun god, sun god fights and win and comes out. We explained it and since then every decade or fifty so years make a breakthrough and explain the next unexplained problem, over the time we have proved much and less remains to be found now. When in all this discovering would we encounter the almighty, stay put, he might be hiding in the clouds..(*wink*)! Stop making a fool of us. 

  Its true every religion teaches us something good and pure, but many and I mean too many to count or accept have died in vain in the name this God and religion. Don't take your scriptures so seriously, they are work literary geniuses and good for us at times, religion gives us hope and faith, stick to that if you want, but please...please stop killing, molesting, torchering and conning us in the name of a Almighty man somewhere in clouds, who will punish us and fry us in hot oil, or throw us in a pit of fire if we are not good. Why? So unbelievably strange and unrealistic thought and principal process once you open your mind. So in the end, be human, be proud and understanding of your origin, the world around you, mankind, nature and your own universe, take good from all religions, be spiritual, but don't be a fool and follow everything because your parents, their parents or book written by men a few hundred years ago (and re-written several times over with changes as suited and needed) tells you so. 

  Welcome yourself to the real world and enjoy the magic around you that exists in every atom, every molecule, every pulse, every drop and every particle. Rest assured, you will be amazed and transcended. 

Sunny-- peace to all :)