Friday, September 18, 2009

Sleeping Within

It’s just enough to fill u with filth n evil, my friend,
And trusting the times I know that so easily it won’t end.
But all this violence n greed for power, has stopped interrupting me as,
I sleep within.

Noise in my eyes, will talk to you for long,
True to the voices within me, I work all day long.
But as u you may find it unbending to my exterior,
I sleep within.

Pain n more pain compare n coincide in my mind,
My brothers are crying aloud as if are blind.
But as u may find unwilling to understand n help,
I sleep within.

Now my heart does not pound for the worries of weapons,
If something bad is about to come, it’s ok, I know shit happens.
But as u may find it ignorable yet feel insecure, u must remember,
I sleep within.



  1. It is really a nice and heart connected post. After reading this article i reached this analysis that the writer is open heart and true lover. This post shows many internal things about writer,,,I like this post...

  2. It's a painful article. its like a poem but it shows the real pain of the writer. I like it and i found he is a true lover and a soft hearted person.I appreciate him. "Well Done"
    Daniel pinto

  3. It is a good thought which is occurring in your mind. Everyone has its own ideology. But still it is fine sonnet.

  4. It is really nice poem.I think writer passed in this incident and he was his self experience

  5. yes now a days no one is concert with other, They life for there own. Whats going on this world no one wants to be perfect honest person every single person wants to make his wish come true. I liked this article as author is kind hearted person and true lover.

  6. A Melancholy in its own outright, awakens one from the siesta of eccentricity and oneness. These lines can only instigate from a towering self-esteem and poignant and unfathomable persona.

  7. A tear-jerking and heartrending satire with emotion and soul-bursting dimensions of human prodigy.

  8. Oh! It is a great post . After reading this poem I have just reached on this point that the writer is depressed to see the condition of social atmosphere.....

  9. A touching and tragic ode which erodes the impecunious & indigent feelings of humans being societal animals but not responding to the cries of those suffering from pain and anguish.

  10. it is really heart touching poem.It is very serious topic and thhis poem is based on our society................

  11. After reading these lines i felt that the writer
    is a calm and implicit person. he can not see the pathetic situation of the world all around. he wants every thing perfect and a bit more afford from others....

  12. Its a great poem.Poet have expressed his own experience by this poem.

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